The Salty Generations

ROLE: Co-Producer/Co-Director/DP/Co-Editor

Bernard Friedman has been pioneering shellfish farming in the California for 15 years, while Tessa Emmer, Avery Resor, and Catherine O’Hare are in the earliest stages of testing out their seaweed farm. “The Salty Generations” looks at the unique challenges of each generation of farmers and their motivation to provide sustainable food for their communities despite monumental challenges.

Pearl Harbor Wounded Veterans In Parks

ROLE: Co-Producer/Director/DP/Editor

A group of wounded American veterans has partnered with the National Park Service to perform underwater scientific surveys and help preserve the USS Arizona. This program seeks to be a part of the solution to the 22 veteran suicides per day in the US by providing veterans with purpose and camaraderie. The veterans in turn provide the National Park Service with a few more capable hands when they need them underwater.

BIOMA Promo Video

Role: Co-Producer/Director/DP/Editor

Have you ever wanted to work with turtles in a tropical paradise while contributing to real and important scientific data sets? BIOMA Travel takes students to Costa Rica to do just that. Students live with local host families, learn about Costa Rican culture, and gain important scientific field skills. This video was made to help recruit new universities and students into the program for the 2018-2019 season.

Fireproofing the Future of California

ROLE: Aerial Camera/Assistant Camera

With more and more homes being built in fire-prone ecosystems, architects and homeowners are coming up with thoughtful design elements to help protect homes from wildfires.